Sunday, 5 April 2020

Fer Gawd's sake, where does the time go...?

Honestly, it just flies away.

And now...NOW, we're all stuck at home, sewing facemasks and scrubs and I don't know what.

And my sewing space is now my work-from-home space.

And, frankly, who wants to move a laptop and two screens and a docking station, a keyboard and mouse before they sew? I just want to sit and press the pedal, y'know?...

BUT, I've just signed up to an 8-week course on fitting so, sorry husband, the dining room table is now going to have to be my sewing place, because I NEED to sew!

There has been sewing, of course...
The Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress - I've made this a couple of times:


A lovely linen top, made with a bit of linen I bought in Stockholm last May - a lovely memento of a trip with friends. I didn't have quite enough in length for the back as well, so I split the back in two and did a contrast yoke in inky blue/grey.

I had a test toile for a dress for a friend's wedding last April. Months later, in the summer, I had a job interview and NOTHING TO WEAR. Then I remembered the toile. It's a plain grey thing, perfectly sober for a job interview. I couldn't find the sleeve pieces anywhere so I badly edged the armholes in some bias and wore a cardigan. We had a minor car accident on the way and I got a bit lost when my husband dropped me off, but it all seemed to go ok and an hour later I had a new job! Lucky dress! I've now found the sleeves and plan to add them...well, anything to get rid of the, frankly, terrible bit of sewing that is my bias edging.

So, there has been sewing, there continues to be sewing, I'm just a bit terrible at blogging!

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