Wednesday, 14 September 2011

New year resolution, month 9

I've got to September with no new clothes.  I don't think I've ever got so far with a new year's resolution!

It's interesting.  Not buying new clothes has really shown me some interesting things about my wardrobe, I've noticed that certain clothes fall in and out of favour - things I love might suddenly not get worn at all for a while, for no particular reason - while others are favourites and stay that way.

I don't need any more white vests!  Ok, I don't need any more vests of any colour...

I've had a bit of fun dyeing a few white tops that had been put in the wrong wash and that has given me 'new' tops without buying.  Mind you I now have 4 tops in the same dark purple/red, which is great, if a little odd.

Accessories have been a real life-saver!  I've been rediscovering my jewellery box and finding necklaces to match outfits.  That's been a LOT of fun!

Have I changed any habits really?  No, probably not.  I still look at clothes shops and websites, I still would like to shop - though sometimes I do enter a perfect zen-like state of self-denial and purity.  BUT, I think I might be changing my approach to clothes - quality over quantity seems to be becoming more important.  And the Jaeger A/W stuff is looking very lovely!

Isn't this skirt DIVINE...

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