Sunday, 18 September 2016

Still quite obsessed with Groove

I finally got some sewing time this weekend when The Girl has a playdate yesterday afternoon (thanks Katie!).

It was time to try my hand at drafting a flutter sleeve.  I found some simple instructions, drew a new short sleeve piece and proceeded to turn it into what I wanted.  And it's worked, pretty much.  It's nice and loose on the arm and drapes quite well in one version, less so in the cotton jersey as that's just thicker and less drapey overall.

As for construction, it all went together as expected - I think I'm getting to be a dab-hand at this dress now.

I'm pretty pleased overall.

The black/white flowers has a less dramatic high-low hem, even though I had 2.5m of stuff it was still a bit of a squeeze so I just cut it a bit shorter.

The blue snowflake is the cotton jersey, I was aiming for more of a tunic length for wearing with tights and boots, plus I only had 2.1m.  I might chop it a bit shorter and straight across to get the edge to roll as I don't want to hem it.
(This picture is a bit blurry and includes bonus husband-thumb shadow.)

Flip flops - ancient.

Apart from that I've made a couple of draught excluders this afternoon from some green and gold damask.  The house will be nice and cosy this winter!

Monday, 5 September 2016

It's all in my head

I'm awash in plans and thoughts of what to make next.

I had a good fabric shop last Saturday, the trusty sale rail yielded some herringbone wool, a scant metre of black jersey and just over 2m of a snowflake patterned jersey, and I also got 2.5m of a black and white big floral jersey.  So that's something for the Mothership, plus a t-shirt for me and another couple of Groove dresses.  I might go for the regular straight hem for the snowflake to squeeze it out of the length.  I'm also thinking about a flutter sleeve as well...

Plans plans plans!

First though I need some more tracing tissue, everywhere locally seems to be completely out so it has to be an online order from the enormo-retailer we all know.

This song uses the same guitar line as Tower of Strength by The Mission.  No idea if it's accidental, borrowed or sampled.