Sunday, 19 June 2016

New toys!

Last month I went back to doing full-time hours for the next few months and on Friday I got my first full-time pay for almost 4 years.  Oh man!  Full-time pay!  It is, as they say, totes amazes.

I had decided to buy myself an overlocker as a 'well done for going to work' present, and I went and got it yesterday.  IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!  It's a Janome 9300DX.  Features include a 3 or 4 thread option, it comes already threaded, the upper blade is really easy to lower, the front opens up and threading is colour-coded for each path.
I thought long and hard about which one to get, and my Mr Toad tendencies did have me veering towards something super-whizzy and full of features, but in the end I realised I didn't really need top of the range - I'm a domestic sewer after all, I don't need a professional-standard machine!  And my local sewing shop had this one on offer so I was able to spend my money locally which always pleases me.

I've just had a little test, re-doing the side seams of a jersey top I made a few weeks ago, the Love Notions Laundry Day Tee.

I really like the style of this pattern.  It's the one I've mentioned before that I was a bit "hmmm"  about but which has been worn a lot more than I expected.  I still think I need to do a bust adjustment on the pattern as it does pull a bit over the bust, but in general it's a nice and easy to wear top.  I will probably make another one or two.

Anyway, when I made it, I forgot to use a zig-zag stitch so the stitches were popping like crazy every time I put it on.  BUT, this is all fixed now, thanks to my new overlocker.  The seams are now nice and stable, and properly finished.  I am so happy with my new addition...

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

What I made next...

This is what I made on Sunday and wore to work yesterday. It's Colette Sorbetto - which is still FREE!
I have a feeling that the pattern printing was a little off, as the test square was a bit smaller, but I went for it anyway and the sticking together was ok, it all lined up. How do you get the printing right? Mine never turn out exactly right...

The pattern has been adjusted with an FBA and lengthened by about 3 inches, and I made the pleat a little narrower to increase the bust space.

I actually made a toile for a change too!

Pattern says 1.5yds/1.3m, I think you can squeeze it out of slightly less - a metre of a wider fabric should be enough...

My top stitching is orange, which you can't really see but looks rather effective.

It's a tiny bit snug but very wearable, I already have another 3 cut out and am going to experiment with it a bit - maybe 3 little pin-tucks down the front, or a few buttons. I think the neckline could be a little lower for me and I will probably alter that, and might even make a v-neck on one of them - it's my favoured neckline.

In all it's a great simple wardrobe standard, and a good addition to my lack of me-made tops.

Fabric was from the John Lewis sale a few months ago, it's a sweet little dandelion print.
Hair towel - TK Maxx
Trousers - M&S
Feet - model's own!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

What shall I make now?

Doing Me-Made-May '16 made me realise I desperately NEED more tops and they need to fit better. So I am going to try and work on getting bust adjustments right.

I've got the Colette Sorbetto pattern - it's free! - and I am going to practice with it until I've got it right and then I'm going to make some summery light tops to go with skirts and linen trousers.  The fabric requirement is 1.5 yards or 1.3 metres but I'm hoping that I can possibly squeeze them out of metre pieces, though it may not be possible of course - particularly if I add the bust space and lengthen them a little.

Well, we'll see!  If I can squeeze them out of a metre, I have a bit of one of my favourite Liberty Tana Lawns, a pretty grey dandelion print, some Riley Blake zigzag and a fab sock monkey print.  Those would be nice summer tops I think.

Apart from that, my head is whirling with what to make next - the patterns and fabric are scrapping for attention in my mind so I need a bit of planning and thinking time to puzzle it out.  I'm enjoying thinking about it though.

I've made some cardboard labels and hand-written "I am going to be a..." and attached them to my longer fabric pieces and then I will write on the label when I get the inspiration.  I quite like to look of my fabric ladder with the labels waiting to be completed.

Hardest decision is what to make with the Christmas present I got from my sister last year.

It's a beautiful piece of Liberty cotton - Stile collection Lowke - and I just don't know whether to make a dress or a skirt.  I simply can't decide!  I think a skirt might get more wear, but a dress is always so easy to wear, and everyone thinks one has made an enormous effort...

More thinking time is needed!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Holidays are over *sad face* And the end of #MMMay 16

We had such a wonderful time on holiday, it was warm, but not too blisteringly hot, although The Girl did get a little burnt on one day - I wasn't in charge!

I managed to not get burnt and not get very mozzy bitten either, which is a first on both counts.  I nomally get scorched somewhere along the line and provide the local flying wildlife with a daily banquet.  It's a pleasant surprise to have escaped both of them.

I managed to wear quite a few things of my own for the rest of May and into June.  I travelled in jeans and my loose swirly blue top and took with me the Love Notions LDT, the new Dottie Angel dress and one of my Fancy Tiger Fen dresses.

My LDT is already falling apart because I forgot to zig-zag it, but I have decided to buy an overlocker and will redo the seams when I've got it.

It was really nice wearing my own things and they got lots of praise and admiration which was lovely.

My Me-Made-May '16 challenge was to wear something made by me as often as practicable, and I actually ended up meeting it for about 28 days from 31, which was a surprise!  The aim is to encourage people who don't necessarily wear their makes - and I already do, but it was still worth doing to discover what I like best, and how I wear them.

I need more tops, I love wearing dresses, I would really like a crack at some loose trousers and I have lots of fabric waiting to be made up...