Sunday, 16 September 2018

Yeah, I need to do this more regularly...

I always mean to blog more regularly, but that life thing gets in the way. Ahem, anyway.

After the wedding dress, ball gown extravaganza I had a small break. And then it was Christmas, so I made a few impromptu gifts of neckwarmers - these are wool tweed lined with cotton lawn, nice and warm for cold winters, no trailing scarf ends for the cyclists among you.

There were also some scarves - these are backed with linen scrim and then washed so the scrim goes soft and crinkly. It's a lovely simple technique for texture and interest.

I also took the ribbons and the cake-topper mini-bunting from my sister's wedding and turned them in to Christmas tree baubles - not sewing, but a lot of glue-gun action!

After that I returned to my favourite skirt pattern, the Chocolate Chip, by TieDyeDiva. For this one I changed the scoop of the pocket to a slant for more pocket depth. This is Emma Bridgewater Pomegranates fabric which I LOVE. I got it from Standfast and Barracks in Lancaster. It was super-cheap because it had printing faults, but you can't see them. I just love it!

Also not-sewing, I knitted these warm and slightly ridiculous pixie boot slippers - they were ENORMOUS before I felted them in a hot wash!

Earlier this year a colleague offered me a sewing machine and I very gratefully accepted. His wife had upgraded and, in his words, "she doesn't really need two". I didn't say that I already had three... It's very heavy and feels like a total BEAST! I think it'll be perfect for coating or jeans. I contacted Janome who were able to provide a PDF of the original manual which is great. I have a coat planned, I think it'll be getting a proper workout!

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