Sunday, 19 September 2010

Of books and scones and bramble jelly

It's been a busy weekend full of unexpected delights and some curious foods.

On Friday I spotted on Twitter that my friend M was in the East, and after some texting we arranged an inpromptu meet for the next day. 

So, Saturday saw me up and out on a train to Cambridge.  I could have driven, but then I'd have had to navigate the one way system and the parking and the tedium of the A11, so the train was a preferable option, and I got to read some more of Wolf Hall which is great and I am enjoying a LOT.  Train also meant I could have a glass of wine if I fancied...!

M and I had a rather excellent lunch which included a Squirrel, Hare and Leek faggot.  I've eaten some weird stuff in my time (chicken's feet anyone?) but this was the first time I'd had squirrel.  The faggot looked to be a properly made one with caul, and came with a bit of cabbage, some diced swede and a nice sauce.  It was quite gamey, a bit like a gamey haggis, and had a smooth-ish texture.

We also had a nice duck salad, some sausages and mash and pudding too and a rather nice Pugliese Primitivo which I am quite into having just been to Puglia.

After lunch we went to a splendid bookshop which M had seen earlier.  They had some interesting things and I picked up the 2 Fell Farm books I didn't have.  THEN we were permitted entry to another room upstairs.  Said stairs were quite narrow and twisty, but were the gateway to a world of wonders!

It was only a few minutes before I started a pile of things - and there was a lot of squeaking and cooing as we each pounced on longed-for treasures. 

At one point I was almost lying on the floor looking at the bottom shelf, but it was completely worth it for the finds I made.

I came away a lot poorer in cash but with major gaps filled in my Lorna Hill collection.

If you are in Cambridge and want to shop for children's or illustrated you must visit The Haunted Bookshop, it's the best collection I've seen in a very long time, the prices are pretty fair and I can't wait to go again (though my bank balance probably can!).  Her stock was better than anything I saw in Hay-on-Wye earlier this year.

During the journey home the Mr sent me text to day he had picked a lot of blackberries which means more jam!

Sunday has been spent making many kinds of scone - Nigella's recipe in How to be a Domestic Goddess has the edge for lightness and I will be using that for my entries into the 4th annual scone competition at Wroxham Barns next week.

Then I made Blackberry Jelly, a Blackberry upside-down cake and some pommes dauphinoise.

All in all a lovely weekend of dear old friend and playing in my kitchen - just the things I love!

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  1. Are you sure it was diced swede? I thought it was pumpkin.

    Good luck with the Great Scone Bake.