Sunday, 8 August 2010

Film, shopping & an encounter with some food

On Friday the Championship season started.  This matters not a great deal to me with the exception that weekends are now planned around games for the next 10 months or so.  Away trips are planned in advance to maximise visits to family and friends as Mr follows the Canaries up hill and down dale.

So, I spent the evening with a friend, drinking sparkling Pinot Grigio and watching Gomorra, an italian film.  It's a very good film, a little violent in places, very funny in others.  I found the italian hard to follow because it is very fast, very accented and very Napolitan, but I tried!

On Saturday we went out to a reclamation place.  We needed a 'bit' for the bathroom door - the oblong cup bit which sits on the door jamb that the door latches into - and I knew this place sold them. They also sell bathrooms, fireplaces, finger-plates, locks, latches, statuary etc etc.  It's an amazing place!  Anyway I found what we need, £2.50, a bargain!

Then we went to Bungay and had fun in the antique shops.  I found a few paperbacks, one I thought was possibly a duplicate but couldn't be certains and at £1 it was worth buying in case I was wrong.  So if anyone wants a paperback of Sylvester by Georgette Heyer, let me know...

Then I found a very odd pudding boiler with a lid.  It's a bit like a tall bundt or kugelhopf tin, the kind that makes the cake with a hole in the middle to fill with something.  It's lovely and retro and goodness knows if I'll use it, but it's just FAB!

Then I had to make a lasagne because I'd been craving one for DAYS! 

Onto today, and a day at Louis' cafe and deli in Norwich, cooking with Stuart Oetzman of Metfield Bakery.  We played with a lot of pork and game, made a fab pork pie.  The squeamish should look away now...

We gutted pigeons and then skinned and gutted rabbits.  It was really rather visceral.  But I'm a meat-eater so them's the breaks. 

Anyway, the rabbit was braised, the pigeons roasted, and then we ate them and they were very delicious.  So, thanks to Stuart and his Mum, to Inga, Valerie and Ming, it was a brilliant day and the food was lovely.

And then it was Sherlock which was great, Benedict Cumberbatch FTW!  

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