Monday, 20 December 2010

Will we make it?

Today was a bit of a tricky day but I think it's ok now and it looks like the mothership is well enough to travel.  I really have to get back if possible to do some stuff before Christmas so tomorrow we set off from Isle of Wight to Norwich.  She will be wrapped warmly, I have 2 car blankets, a thermos mug, a fully working car heater and grim determination to get home.

I have a constant eye on the road reports and weather forecast.

Then, after a day's rest we will set off on the trip up to my sister's house in Yorkshire. 

I have 2 cakes to ice, a turkey to collect, food stuff to do and oh yeah, I really need to go to work at some point - I'm thinking Wednesday and Thursday morning. And I'd really quite like to see the husband sometime soon...

I have instructed the husband to shut all the doors, put the heating to manual and turn it up to 22 degrees.  That should be nice and warm when we get home.

1 comment:

  1. Travel safely!
    I am really hoping I shall be able to make it down to North Devon on Friday - and to collect my turkey on thursdy

    glad your mother is improving