Monday, 3 January 2011

Carbon reduction for 2011

I am thinking about the 10:10 challenge and reducing my carbon footprint.

I wonder if it's possible to not buy any clothes for a whole year - I read an article (last week?) in which the correspondent didn't buy new clothes for a year.  Oddly he remarked about how tatty his clothes were by the end which I find puzzling - I mean I don't wear ALL my clothes ALL the time so I expect that what I have would last quite nicely TYVM...

Anyway, I have decided to see how long I can go without buying new clothes - I have a couple of exemptions:

a) tights - they can snag so easily!
b) if something completely wears out and I don't have a replacement I will allow myself a new one, and I will try charity shops first.
c) a new pair of boots which I NEED!

I am quite looking forward to the challenge, I have unsubscribed from all the shopping website updates I usually get, and I am really looking forward to the money-saving - there are many things to do to the house this year which will be a good encouragement if I waver!

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