Monday, 6 June 2016

Holidays are over *sad face* And the end of #MMMay 16

We had such a wonderful time on holiday, it was warm, but not too blisteringly hot, although The Girl did get a little burnt on one day - I wasn't in charge!

I managed to not get burnt and not get very mozzy bitten either, which is a first on both counts.  I nomally get scorched somewhere along the line and provide the local flying wildlife with a daily banquet.  It's a pleasant surprise to have escaped both of them.

I managed to wear quite a few things of my own for the rest of May and into June.  I travelled in jeans and my loose swirly blue top and took with me the Love Notions LDT, the new Dottie Angel dress and one of my Fancy Tiger Fen dresses.

My LDT is already falling apart because I forgot to zig-zag it, but I have decided to buy an overlocker and will redo the seams when I've got it.

It was really nice wearing my own things and they got lots of praise and admiration which was lovely.

My Me-Made-May '16 challenge was to wear something made by me as often as practicable, and I actually ended up meeting it for about 28 days from 31, which was a surprise!  The aim is to encourage people who don't necessarily wear their makes - and I already do, but it was still worth doing to discover what I like best, and how I wear them.

I need more tops, I love wearing dresses, I would really like a crack at some loose trousers and I have lots of fabric waiting to be made up...

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