Wednesday, 8 June 2016

What shall I make now?

Doing Me-Made-May '16 made me realise I desperately NEED more tops and they need to fit better. So I am going to try and work on getting bust adjustments right.

I've got the Colette Sorbetto pattern - it's free! - and I am going to practice with it until I've got it right and then I'm going to make some summery light tops to go with skirts and linen trousers.  The fabric requirement is 1.5 yards or 1.3 metres but I'm hoping that I can possibly squeeze them out of metre pieces, though it may not be possible of course - particularly if I add the bust space and lengthen them a little.

Well, we'll see!  If I can squeeze them out of a metre, I have a bit of one of my favourite Liberty Tana Lawns, a pretty grey dandelion print, some Riley Blake zigzag and a fab sock monkey print.  Those would be nice summer tops I think.

Apart from that, my head is whirling with what to make next - the patterns and fabric are scrapping for attention in my mind so I need a bit of planning and thinking time to puzzle it out.  I'm enjoying thinking about it though.

I've made some cardboard labels and hand-written "I am going to be a..." and attached them to my longer fabric pieces and then I will write on the label when I get the inspiration.  I quite like to look of my fabric ladder with the labels waiting to be completed.

Hardest decision is what to make with the Christmas present I got from my sister last year.

It's a beautiful piece of Liberty cotton - Stile collection Lowke - and I just don't know whether to make a dress or a skirt.  I simply can't decide!  I think a skirt might get more wear, but a dress is always so easy to wear, and everyone thinks one has made an enormous effort...

More thinking time is needed!

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