Tuesday, 14 June 2016

What I made next...

This is what I made on Sunday and wore to work yesterday. It's Colette Sorbetto - which is still FREE!
I have a feeling that the pattern printing was a little off, as the test square was a bit smaller, but I went for it anyway and the sticking together was ok, it all lined up. How do you get the printing right? Mine never turn out exactly right...

The pattern has been adjusted with an FBA and lengthened by about 3 inches, and I made the pleat a little narrower to increase the bust space.

I actually made a toile for a change too!

Pattern says 1.5yds/1.3m, I think you can squeeze it out of slightly less - a metre of a wider fabric should be enough...

My top stitching is orange, which you can't really see but looks rather effective.

It's a tiny bit snug but very wearable, I already have another 3 cut out and am going to experiment with it a bit - maybe 3 little pin-tucks down the front, or a few buttons. I think the neckline could be a little lower for me and I will probably alter that, and might even make a v-neck on one of them - it's my favoured neckline.

In all it's a great simple wardrobe standard, and a good addition to my lack of me-made tops.

Fabric was from the John Lewis sale a few months ago, it's a sweet little dandelion print.
Hair towel - TK Maxx
Trousers - M&S
Feet - model's own!

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