Saturday, 20 August 2016

Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat

I feel that although Colette Sorbetto is lovely, it's still a slightly iffy fit for me.  So I was really pleased so see Cashmerette's new pattern release for a sleeveless top.  It's called Springfield and as with all Cashmerette patterns is drafted for the curvier figure - up to a size 28 and in a range of cup sizes.  No having to do pesky bust adjustments YAY!  It also comes in 2 variations - one is a little more fitted with a princess-seamed back and the other is looser and perhaps a bit more casual.

I have some lovely cottons that would be perfect for a nice summery top.  So I measured and chose my size and got cutting with some sale-rail viscose.

Unfortunately I must have chosen the wrong size because it just isn't right.  Or it's possibly a printing error because the test square was a little out.  Either way it's very very wrong!  I've asked Jenny how to put it right and she's given me some great advice so I will be trying again with a different size, but not till after my holiday...

In the meantime, to lift the spirits I unrolled the already reliable Groove pattern, pulled out the piece of blue jersey and cut myself a t-shirt top instead.

Jeans - charity shop (bought just to cut down)
Flip-flops - very old

I freehanded cutting it shorter to make it a top, and it's just about bang on where I wanted it - another fluke in what I am calling my Great Groove Adventure!

This top has everything that I want - I love love love it!

I am Groovin'...

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