Monday, 5 September 2016

It's all in my head

I'm awash in plans and thoughts of what to make next.

I had a good fabric shop last Saturday, the trusty sale rail yielded some herringbone wool, a scant metre of black jersey and just over 2m of a snowflake patterned jersey, and I also got 2.5m of a black and white big floral jersey.  So that's something for the Mothership, plus a t-shirt for me and another couple of Groove dresses.  I might go for the regular straight hem for the snowflake to squeeze it out of the length.  I'm also thinking about a flutter sleeve as well...

Plans plans plans!

First though I need some more tracing tissue, everywhere locally seems to be completely out so it has to be an online order from the enormo-retailer we all know.

This song uses the same guitar line as Tower of Strength by The Mission.  No idea if it's accidental, borrowed or sampled.

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