Sunday, 14 November 2010


I think I should talk about S. Indian breakfast.

We have tried quite a few different things:

Idli, the rice sponge things I mentioned a few days ago and which are pretty good.

Poori - the familiar puffy bread, which came with a veg curry.

Uttapam which are thick rice flour pancakes with chilli, onion and other things. They are rice based and have a nice crispy outside. These came with sambar (thin veg curry) and chutney.

Pancakes - thick like a drop scone but bigger, I think there was cinnamon in them and we had them with honey.

Masala omelette - with finely chopped onion or tomato and often chilli too.

Today we had Upma which looks like cous cous but is, I understand, semolina, and is quite highly spiced. It came with a chutney which was nutty rather than coconutty for a change.

There is often fruit on offer, I've found I'm not a big fan of papaya - there's an aftertaste I don't like much.

And there's usually toast which is good for S who doesn't eat eggs so misses the omelette. It's quite hard buttering toast with just the right hand so we sneak a left to hold it and hope the waiters aren't too nauseated!

It's quite usual to see cornflakes and porridge but I could have those anytime so I don't bother with them.

This morning is a lounge about, waiting for the time to go and get our train.

The hotel have arranged to meet us at Mettupalayam and take us to Coimbatore, which will make things easy for us tonight.

Onwards to the coast

Location:Last few hours in Ooty

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