Saturday, 13 November 2010

A day of water features

Today's post is brought you by the words water, tree and hill.

The day started murky and overcast with drizzle but we set off for Pykara on a half day excursion.

First stop was a pine forest, which was fine as pine forests go!

Then on to a hill that has featured in Bollywood films - it is a very popular place with lots of street sellers and coach parties. The view probably meant more to fans of Bollywood than to us but it was pretty, with undulating hills and cloud covered hills in the distance.

After that we went past a large Dam. I wonder about the engineering of a dam - there must be a point at which work has to move extra fast to stop the force of the water washing the dam away. After all, it's that force that has to be contained. Engineering readers, feel free to comment!

By the time we reach the falls the sun has come out. Pykara Waterfalls are very nice, a wide river mouth which plunges down in a standard waterfall-y kind of way. The falls are at the bottom of steps, we are greeted by yet another school group with lots of waves and giggling. 2 thoughts occur:

1. Why are waterfalls always at the bottom of steps or steep narrow paths? It's the top of the plunge, surely it should be higher up?

2. We have seen a couple of the same groups on our jaunts. One group is of 5 or 6 friends, one of whom is in a wheelchair. India is far from compliance with any form of disability access and at the falls there is no flat path, just steps, but the group of friends have got him there nonetheless.

We are then mobbed by a school group who photograph us. I find this still quite odd, but S is taller than average and I am wide so I daresay we make an interesting spectacle!

After this we go on to Pykara Lake and boat house. The group of friends are there too and take a boat ride, including the wheelchair, despite yet more very steep steps. I hope the chair is securely attached to the boat which is more like a raft with a shelter and a few benches.

We stop for some chai and watch naughty monkeys scavenge in the bins.

On the way back down we stop at another bit of pine forest and watch more monkeys chase each other through the trees.

Today's snacks of choice are carrots - there are many women with bunches at almost every stop we make today - and candy floss being sold by young boys.

Later we try again to get a train ticket from Coimbatore to Cochin. There is a system called Tatkal which is where 10% of tickets are released at 8am 48 hours before the day of travel. However, these have gone by the time we get to the station for afternoon opening and only unreserved sleeper car is available and even S refuses that! It looks like another car drive, but at least we have hotel booked for tomorrow night.

The rest of the day passes relaxing on the sofas...


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  1. Sometimes sitting on sofas relaxing is a sacred duty :)