Saturday, 27 November 2010

Home sweet home!

Oh how I do love central heating!

Ours has been belting away all day - we need to build up residual heat in the house and then I may consider knocking it back down a few degrees...

I've got a lasagne in the oven and am about to soak some stuff for bran loaf to cook tomorrow.  And apart from that it's going to be a bit of vino and chat.

Simple life, and a bit of p & q before work on Monday.


  1. Central heating rocks, doesn't it? I had noe heating or hot water for 5 weeks last year, and it's amazing how we forget what a brilliant invention it is, just heating away in the background. I couldn't believe how cold the house was without it!

  2. Over here at work, the central heating isn't working. I am SO ready to go home now *shivers*

  3. Ooh bran loaf sounds awesome ... is it a personal recipe or one available online?

  4. Central heating is one of the best things ever invented. Although the radiator by my desk at work doesn't seem to be throwing out much heat even when it's turned up full blast.

  5. Really enjoyed reading about your travels. Home life sounds pretty nice too :)