Friday, 26 November 2010


The flight is pretty uneventful, decent lunch and I think we actually arrive a little early. Not that it matters much to us, just means more time at Dubai airport.

A man in the row in front spends around half an hour in animated and extensive debate about the meal. It seems as though he booked veggie but didn't get it. Or something. Not much the cabin crew can do really and the chief stewardess is extremely polite even though he goes on and on, possibly on behalf of his neighbours rather than himself, it's hard to tell. Then he starts on about how the crew should help the lady next to him - she isn't travelling with him and hasn't asked him to intervene.

I watch Predators instead. A bit rubbish but it has Adrien Brody as a consolation!

On the plane our steward gives us wine we can't drink so we decide to save it for Dubai but it is unfortunately confiscated at transit control! Bummer!

Dubai is big and shiny and glitzy. The clocks are Rolex and the announcements sound incredibly exotic. I particularly like the Arabic numbers which sound very breathy and enticing!

I have a vague fancy to purchase an iPad but they are more here than UK highstreet so I won't bother!

I desperately need a book however and get the most recent Margaret Attwood. I do love stories set in dystopian post-apocalyptic futures, cheery soul that I am!

And then we sit at our gate and await our flight...


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  1. The female human says the new M Attwood was very good, but have you read Oryx And Crake first? =^.^=