Sunday, 7 November 2010

I'm a bit tired actually

Yesterday morning seems absurdly long ago. Dubai is 4 hours ahead, so it's really 10.45 as opposed to the 2.45am on my watch, but even so, when I yawn I feel like one of those snakes that dislocates its jaw to eat a sheep.

Dubai looked very sparkly from the air, all lights and shine. The airport no less a spectacle, as airports go, and remarkable in the amount of marble and lights and jungle-themed water features.

I offered S a hookah, he declined. Maybe on the way back...

Emirates is a good flying experience, I was slightly perturbed by it being an airbus A380 but was quickly distracted by the masses of entertainment - from Inception to William Byrd motets, I think all bases are covered.

Next stop Bangalore in a few hours...

On the move...

Location:Dubai airport

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