Monday, 8 November 2010

It's an actual palace

Well, the journey was a bit epic in duration but event free. Second plane less spacious but still fine, meal relatively edible.

We arrived a bit late - par for the course I think. I tried to sleep but as ever had the problem of what to do with my arms! Folding is ok but not 100% comfortable. Any other option results in neighbour encroachment which is A BAD THING. Consequence was a light doze and remaining alert to the arms situ.

By the time we landed at Bangalore we were pretty knackered. After a light and purely experimental bargain over car hire we booked a car to bring us to Mysore.

It was a bit grey and drizzly but warm. The car had nice cool a/c, and as we travelled the clouds cleared.

Bangalore is huge & sprawling, took ages to get out of city - so long I fell asleep! The buses & lorries are all brightly painted with firm directions telling followers to sound the horn, which they do, all the time. I mean ALL THE TIME! it's like a weird version of the 'honk if you're horny' bumper stickers.

Coupled to that is the sheer lunacy that is Indian traffic. That's like a local version of the royal tournament as vehicles of all sizes zig-zag across the road, narrowly missing one another.

Maybe it was tiredness, maybe the pristine shirt or the way he just left us to nap, either way, I didn't freak out as yet another lorry was a micron away.

We stopped for a coconut water (I KNOW!) by the roadside. A man with a sharp machete hacked the top off, made a hole and handed it to me. It wasn't warm but it was very good. Neither sweet nor salty, not cold, but very refreshing.

After lots of phone calls our driver found the hotel - the equivalent would be me driving someone to Stoke and finding a hotel there!

Our room is a suite. I may have slightly overdone it on this one, but y'know what? I am happy.

It's a former palace, run as a charity, the rooms are lovely, the gardens look pretty big too.

We had a looooong nap and then some food.

I feel refreshed at last!

On the move...

Location:Mysore. In a palace.

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