Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Heat and dust

I've spent quite a lot of today being hot. And feeling gritty.

The mosquito repellant is quite gloopy and my legs and feet most of the time are sticky. This means that the dust kicked up by shoes sticks to the person. It ends up feeling a bit like being sanded down!

But it's working, I've only had 3 bites so far...not bad for someone who usually gets eaten alive. And I've been very good and not scratched them!

S, on the other hand, eschews it most of the time and remains blissfully bite free. Of course.

The day began very hot and humid. After a long lie-in (no inclusive breakfast so no need to be up by a certain time) we go out for a walk around the town.

At the sea's edge are the Chinese fishing nets - huge cantilevered devices that scoop fish up. They are lined along the shore and look very beautiful. The road is lined with stalls, street sellers, food carts and hotels.

I buy some vada for breakfast, followed by a bag and some other things for presents and we stroll along by the sea with the heat blazing. It's really very hot!

The Dutch cemetery is closed but we look through the gate - it dates from 1724 according to the sign outside.

Then we go to David Hall, an old Dutch merchant's house. It has large airy rooms and is open to the roof and rafters which are fabulous. They also serve snacks in the garden cafe so we stop for some lunch. The menu is largely western - sandwiches, wraps, cakes - but it looks good and the atmosphere is very peaceful. And the food good and very filling.

Unfortunately, after a while I start to feel ill so we make our way back and I go to lie down. I don't know if it's something food related or not, but I feel quite peculiar.

In the end it's not a bad plan as shortly after we get back it thunders and rains!

And that's how it mostly stays for the rest of the day. Leelu says this is very unusual, it should be dry.

A few hours later I am recovered and able to attend our cook n' eat course.

Leelu shows us fish curry, dhal, pumpkin curry, beetroot thoran and chapattis. It's all very delicious and filling. Our fellow students are friendly and it's a good evening. I have lots of notes for cooking the dishes at home...

We have booked a trip to the elephant sanctuary tomorrow, a 6.30am start.

So, to bed early, the fan is moving warm air about and the rain is still pelting down.

I must shower off today's dust in prep for more tomorrow!


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