Thursday, 12 May 2016

3 for 2, not a bogoff.

Catching up with the week, today I didn't wear a made-by-me.  The first day in May that I didn't wear something in whcih I'd had some involvement, but there's this dress I bought last summer that I really love and I chose that today.

Up until today it's been me-made all the way!

I made this top last summer.  It matches a full circle skirt I made and together they look like a dress - which was my aim because I thought making a dress was hard!

Anyway, I can't remember what the pattern is, but it was a round neck.  Which I had to change because it felt a bit strangly and uncomfortable.  so I sliced the front and tuned the edged in and made a v-neck.  And then I put a zip in the back.

Essentially it needs a bit more boob-room so an FBA would have been an idea, but I haven't got to them.  Yet!  It's quite snug in the hips too, I am standing V-E-R-Y still here to make it not ride up!

But actually, after a year of thinking it was a bit 'hmmm' I think it looks ok!  I'm going to bias-bind the neckline though, the flappy excess fabric annoys me!

And this is a Colette Aster.  I love this, but again, it needs an FBA.  As a wearable garment though I really love the cuffs and the button placket, I did a good job on those.  And some flukey pattern-flow/matching across the front too.

I'm really enjoying this challenge!

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