Friday, 20 May 2016

Thursday and Friday

I started my new secondment yesterday.  There's a bit of a parking issue at the new office - too many cars, not enough spaces - so I decided to walk.  It's only a mile and a quarter. I wore TOTALLY THE WRONG SHOES!  Being only just over a mile I wore the heeled shoes I had in mind for the day and although they weren't madly uncomfortable they were definitely the wrong choice...

I wore the cherry top and black trousers from earlier in the month.  It's a surprise how well it goes with plain trousers, I will definitely be adding it to the regular repertoire.

Today I sensibly put my old running shoes on and carried my work shoes in my bag.  And cut 10 minutes off my walking time!

Today I wore yet another of my Kitschy Coo Lady Skater dresses.  And one of my colleagues admired it not knowing it was made by me, so that was a really nice moment.  The picture is not from today, but it is of the same dress!

The fabric is a thick-ish scuba knit which I really love - it's so easy to sew.  I didn't hem it because it didn't really need it.  It's such an easy dress to wear, I would definitely use scuba again for this pattern.

Onto the weekend, what to wear, what to wear...!

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