Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Dust and boxes

I moved offices today.  Lots of boxes, lots of trips in the lift, lots of throwing away bits of old paper...

So I decided to wear something easy.  So I chose this top, which isn't actually that easy at all.  #contrary.

I made this top a year or so ago, and it perseveres even though it isn't really that successful.  This might be because I am low on me-made tops and none of them have been wildly successful so far.  I really need to get better at pattern alterations, especially the FBA.  I haven't got it right yet.

I love the fabric, it was a remnant from my local fabric shop. The pattern was a self-drafted thing from a sewing magazine, the shoulders are a bit too wide which heads into bra-strap world and falling off one shoulder (aaaaargh).  And the bias binding is a bit of a problem.  But you can't see any of that so it's fab and perfect ;)

I don't have an overlocker - I WANT one - so it was zig-zag on a regular machine, and I don't think I even knew I had to use a stretch needle.  As I recall it was a bit of a fiend to sew.  No surprise really!

I do love the swirly pattern and the colours and being jersey it is stretchy which is always a bonus.  So it comes out every now and then, even though it slightly irritates me!

I did wear shoes today.  At least, I'm fairly sure I did...

Grey jersey trousers - M&S
Cardi - Fat Face

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