Sunday, 15 May 2016

Chilly saturday

It was pretty cold on Saturday - nice in the sunshine but windy and cold out of it.  And despite it being May I decided in the end to wear tights.  I am very glad I did!

We made a quick dash to the fabric shop in the early afternoon - my daughter saw a skirt last week but it was too small and there was only one so I said I'd make something for her.  And that meant a bit of fabric shopping.  I love my home city, it has a few good places to buy pretty things and this trip called for wide choice.  So we went to the biggest shop of all.  It's so big that they have a completely separate shop for furnishings and another one for teaching classes.

The main shop has a rather marvellous sale rail of roll ends and sample pieces, I get quite a lot from there - the bright flowery Alexander Henry was one I stalked for MONTHS!  And it was no different yesterday, there was a piece of striped jersey that I've been eyeing up since last year, it's 2.3m so hopefully enough for a dress.

The rail also has a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment.  So I got the striped jersey, and my daughter chose a dark brown jersey with gold spots and a bright pink and silver stretch fabric with spandex.

Later in the day we went to a special evening thing at the museum which had lots of activities and things to look at, ending in some fire-eating and then we went to a very late performance in the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.  By then I was really glad I was wearing tights and not bare-legged!

This dress was the first dress I ever made.  It's a Kitschy Coo Lady Skater and I have 4 of them now.  I don't have an overlocker so it is zig-zag all the way apart from the hem.  I did end up taking the skirt off and shortening the bodice a little, and my later versions all had a shorter bodice.  I've also made one for my mum.  She loves it too!

I love the dragonfly print of this jersey, but it is a tiny bit clingy so I haven't worn it as much as the others.

But it's very comfortable to wear, the pattern is really easy and it's a quick make.

Shoes - Hush Puppies

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