Sunday, 8 May 2016

Party till you drop!

Yesterday was a friend's 50th birthday get-together.  Our daughter went to stay with one of her besties (Thanks Katie, you diamond!) and the husband and I went out.

I started the day in the first of my Fancy Tiger Fen dresses but changed because I do think it's a tiny bit too short.

So I changed into some cut-downs and a tunic-y t-shirt.

The cut-downs were an alteration - I bought a pair of jeans from a charity shop (PACT, they do two items for £1) for the sole purpose of cutting them down.  They were also too big so I ran a seam up the sides to take the waist in.  They feel so nicely fitted, I was genuinely sad to put them away last autumn and really glad to get them out again last week.

The top is a Laundry Day Tee from Love Notions.  I love the stripy fabric, but it was a remnant and had a bit of a hole and a stitched up tear so having to work round that was interesting!  I had to re-cut the neckband as the first one was too short.  And I forgot to use zig-zag so it is already coming undone in places - I'll probably go over the seams again.

The top needs a bit of a bust adjustment and the sleeves are a wee bit small - but the pattern has been re-drafted by the pattern maker to take account of the sleeve and armscye fitting issues.  Originally I thought I wouldn't wear it, but it's one of those things I keep reaching for, despite its faults.

I would make it again, but would do an FBA on the top and make the v a bit lower.

It's the perfect length, is easy to wear and did very nicely for a night out in the pub.  God, I'd forgotten how much fun that could be, we had a great time.

Today I am in the cut-downs again with a different top, but I'm not planning anything other than some reading and an early night.

Shoes - Asda

Also, my daughter's bedroom is finally tidy.

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