Sunday, 1 May 2016

Me Made May 2016...


Yes, I am rather a lax blogger at the best of times...but that's a bit ridiculous!

So, ahem, yes, Me Made May.  Starts today, and is aimed at encouraging sewing folk to wear the stuff they make.  But I do tend to wear the things I make, so I don't necessarily need the encouragement.


I'm going to take part anyway to see how I wear my makes, and what gets the most wear.

My personal pledge is to try and wear something made by me as often as I can.

Today I've worn two things of my own.

The first, an a-line skirt I finished yesterday.  It started off as an elasticated waist which looked AWFUL, so I undid the top, added a proper waistband and put in a zip.  And now it's much better.  Although it needs a bit more alteration as the waistband is too big and so the skirt droops rather than sitting on the waist.

The fabric is Alexander Henry 'Kleo', I got a remnant at my local fabric shop - I was eyeing it up for MONTHS before I bought it, and I always know it would be a skirt.  It's bonkers and bright and fabulous.

After I decided to re-do the waist I had to get changed so I put on my other weekend make which is a half-circle in a splendid green cotton with a camera print.

I drafted both patterns myself and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Apart from that I've made a dress for my daughter this weekend which is all twirly and lovely so she is in a me-make today too!

Pink vest/cami & black top - Primark
Cardi - Braintree
Shoes - Brantano

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